Hotmail Vs Outlook Mail

About Outlook mail

Microsoft introduced in 2012 and it is considered as the successor of Hotmail. This outlook mail is an updated version of Windows Live Hotmail with new interface and better features than it. However, Microsoft allowed the existing users to keep the email addresses. No new user will be able to create accounts with domain now. The new users will be allowed to create only addresses. Its addresses and addresses use the same servers. Outlook mail is the modern interface, which is similar to the mail interface. A Hotmail or user uses Outlook mail to view their account. Microsoft has transferred most of its active mail accounts to the modernized webmail service. With the transition of old mail accounts to is almost complete there are more than 500 million active users for services.


Microsoft has made feature rich and Outlook mail, web app allows the users to browse the email account. offers unlimited storage space for free to their members and connections to Skype, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Some of the features that an outlook mail user will be able to enjoy when compared to the earlier mail users are given below.

The calendar

Outlook mail offers calendaring option with weather forecast and icons to represent different events that the user can include in the calendar. Email reminders are available for different events on the calendar and for special events like birthdays, anniversaries etc. These calendars can be shared and can be viewed as day, week or month.

Managing contacts

Managing contacts is made easy with the outlook people feature, which is the contact manager element in Outlook mail.

  • The user will be able to search or edit the current contact list or create new contact list using this component.
  •  It is possible to arrange these contacts into folders and to create contact links from social sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Importing the contacts and placing those in lists will be convenient while composing email in Outlook mail.

Task manager

The Outlook tasks allow the user to create tasks and to put them in various categories using the fields provided such as subject, priority, start and end dates, completed percentage, etc. The Outlook also offers good editing features including, italics, bold, numbering, underline, and bullet points. The user can edit and categorize the tasks, according their wish.

Integration with office online is integrated with office online and this allows viewing and editing of documents attached to the emails such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Users can open the office documents using a web browser and can save them to OneDrive. You can edit any office documents received through mail and send replies with edited documents.

Integration with Skype

Integration of with Skype was started in 2013. With this feature, the users are allowed make video calls in Skype within There is no need for the Outlook user to opt for the Skype desktop client to make video calls.


This option is the cleaning tool in your outlook mail inbox.

  • It allows the users to move the emails to specific folders or to delete them, based on your priorities.
  • Once you perform the “sweep” option, you can make to perform the same delete and move actions for the future emails by remembering the settings.
  • You can also opt to delete or move the messages which are older than a specific period or to keep only the latest messages from a particular sender.

One click filters and quick view options

The users are able to filter the inbox or the specific folders in the inbox based on unread messages, service list and social networking site or from group mailing list. The quick view option filters the emails which contain documents attached, photos attached, shipping updates, flagged messages, etc.


Microsoft through allows the users to create additional email addresses or aliases. Users can sign in to their account using aliases. All the aliases have the same inbox, account settings, password and contact list, but emails send from an alias address do not get revealed to the recipients. You will be able to use as your email client and if you want, you will be able to send messages to look as though they are coming from another account.

All these features were not available in the service. You can use your account to access and enjoy all these features or you can create a new email address to enjoy the features offered by outlook mail service.

History of this mail

It  was the first webmail service which was launched in 1996 by Saber Bhatia and Jack Smith. This service offered complete freedom from the ISP based emails. It was enabled the users to access their inbox from any location in the world using a web browser.  The service also provided features such as spam filters and better virus scanning. The free storage limit was 2MB. In December 1997, it was sold to the internet giant Microsoft and it became the part of MSN service. Soon, MSN became the largest webmail service in the world with 30 million users. The users were provided with a schedule calendar and the ability to save the contact lists. This version of it no longer exists. In 2005 Microsoft tried to phase out Hotmail and replace it with Windows Live Mail. With the objection from beta testers, Microsoft changed the plan and continued the service as Windows Live. This brand was discontinued by Microsoft in 2012.


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