How to Create an Account

The following are the steps involved in create an account

You can use Microsoft account and Microsoft services using a single sign on. If you are using an Android device, Windows, or iOS or you use different devices, your Hotmail account will carry all the information needed and hence you will be able to use the device you have to easily access your emails.


Subscribing to

To subscribe to the services offered by you will be requested to provide some personal information by Microsoft. Though it is not necessary to fill all the fields in the sign up or create account page, some information are mandatory and filling out all the fields will help you when you forget your account password or when you lose access to the emails. Fields with star symbol or asterisk (*) need to be filled for the successful creation of your account.  Go to or you can go to to subscribe to the mail service.

  1. First, you will be asked to provide your first name, last name and username. You have two options for selecting the username for your Outlook account. You can use  your present email address created with any email service provider other than Microsoft such as Gmail or Yahoo as your user name or if you do not have an email ID, click on the “Get A New Email “option provided in the sign up page. You can select your new email as either or Microsoft will inform you whether the ID preferred by you is available for use. You can also opt for country specific domains if needed, such as
  2. Now you need to choose a password for your account. You need to make your password strong as directed by Microsoft.  If you do not have a strong password for your account, someone can easily guess your password and can hack your account or can impersonate you in social websites using your account. You can create strong passwords for your account by having both alphabets and numbers in the password or by the use of special characters such as @! $# etc. You can use uppercase and lowercase letters in your passwords. Passwords are extremely important as they will become the key to various vital and sensitive information you have in your email account. Make sure that the password you are going to use is easy to remember for you.8
  3. You can reenter the password one more time in the next column. This will help you to remember the password in a better way.
  4. Now you will be asked to enter the following details one by one.
  • Country/ region- the country from where you are going to use the service.
  • Birth date- you need to enter the date, month and year.
  • Gender.
  • Your Country code.
  • Your phone number.
  • An alternate email address – it is better to provide an email address from a different email provider. If you are trying to reset your password the information will be sent to this alternate email address.
  1. CAPTCHA verification is the next step

This verification step is done by Microsoft to confirm that it is not a robot creating the account. You will be able to see a field with some characters in it. You have to type the text seen in the picture in the field below the text. If you have any difficulty in understanding the text, provided, you can also opt for the audio version of the captcha code.

  1. You can review the terms of service and privacy policy of Microsoft and can agree to it by clicking on the “create an account” option.

After completely filling the form and agreeing to the Microsoft terms, you can test your login using the new email ID from Hotmail or outlook by going to the homepage of


When you sign in with your Microsoft email and Password in to you can use OneDrive, Skype, office online etc from your inbox.  You will be able to open and read the word, excel and power point files and edit them at your convenience using this account. You will be able to make calls, send messages and share with any other person using Skype using You can access the Windows store for your games, apps, movies, music and TV shows by using your Microsoft account to sign in to windows. You can share the files, photos and documents using OneDrive when you have this Microsoft account.

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