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The email inbox accounts ending with are now powered by Windows has a modern and clean design with intuitive features. You can check your inbox account by visiting and entering the username and password for the account in appropriate fields provided. In case you have forgotten the password for the account or if you experience any trouble in logging in to your inbox, you can click on the “Can’t access your account?” link in the webpage and follow the instructions given there to access the inbox. If you are still denied access, then make sure that the connection to the internet is proper and try opening the account in another web browser. You can also try to restart the computer to regain the access.


Using the different features

The biggest advantage of using inbox is the unlimited storage space available to the user.  As you receive more and more mails in your inbox your storage space will be automatically increased at a specific rate.  Make sure that your inbox is not growing at faster speeds which will completely use up the storage space.

Recovering messages

Sometimes, you may delete messages accidentally or you will be in need of a message that you have deleted earlier. You can go the advanced privacy settings option in the inbox page and manually set the option if the feature is not already available to you.

The instant action buttons

You can find the small instant action buttons beside the sender names of the emails in your inbox.

  • You will be able to easily flag or mark the message as read or unread or junk and delete the unwanted messages using these buttons.
  • There is no need for the user to open the message and this can save your valuable time online.
  • To customize the instant actions open inbox, select options and instant actions and make the necessary changes.

Using single use code

Sometimes, you may have to access your inbox account from public computers and entering your password is not a good option to sign in to your account in such situations. If you want to make your inbox account safe while accessing inbox through public computers you can request for a single use code. This code can be used only once to gain access to your email account. This code will be sent to the mobile number you have provided at the time of signing up for the account.

Easy junk mail removal

You can use the filters and reporting option to set the junk mail filters for your  inbox account.

  • You can visit the inbox page and click on options and filters and reporting and set the filter level of exclusive options so that all the mails will be sent to the junk mail folder except the mails coming from safe senders and your contacts.
  • You will also be able to receive the alerts and service announcements that you have signed up to receive without any problem, when you use the filters to remove the unwanted files.

Creating alias ID

When you use inbox through outlook, you have the option to create email alias for your current account.  You may need alias ID for job needs or any other special needs.  There is an option called “create an outlook alias” and using this you will be able to create the alias address without registering for a second account. You will be able to keep the mails coming to the alias ID in a separate folder in your inbox.


Clean inbox using “Sweep”

You will be able to organize your inbox in the required way using the powerful “sweep” feature offered by Hotmail or This feature allows the account user to move specific email messages from a particular sender to the folder of their choice or to delete all the messages from a particular sender or to set up a schedule for automatic cleanups.

Sorting emails

It is possible to arrange the emails coming to your inbox account according to the date, sender, subject, conversation, size etc.  It is easy to find out which of the mails received by you is using maximum space in the account by using the “arrange by size option”. By opting for “arrange by date” you will be able to see the latest messages at the top of the mail list.

Integration with SkyDrive

One of the greatest advantages of changing it in to is its integration with SkyDrive.  When the attachments with your mail are more than 25MB size, it will automatically send to the recipient via SkyDrive. The file size limit of SkyDrive is 2GB. So you don’t have to worry about the size of attachments in your mail when you are using inbox account or account.

All inboxes into one

The users can send and receive the mails from other POP accounts when using or mail account. You can choose the “other account” option and your mail recipients will see it as “on behalf of “. So you will be able to operate all your inboxes from your inbox or from inbox.

Apart from these features you will be able to make mails and conversations richer by including updates, photos and posts from Facebook and tweet from Twitter using account. You just need to connect your Hotmail or account with Facebook or Twitter account.

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